Kate72 has it got it absolutely right on Leveson Inquiry and media regulation

November 10, 2012

ImageAmid the self-righteous, self-serving, partisan blather regarding the Leveson Inquiry and the spectre of state regulation and tighter controls of the media comes a beacon of sanity.

Take a bow Kate72 of Southampton for your beautifully economical explanation of just what an irrelevance Leveson is becoming:

She left this message on the Daily Mail website:

“The mainstream media is already becoming irrelevant as it is unable to print stories which are doing the rounds on the Internet, do you really want it to end up even more emasculated?
Kate72 , Southampton, 10/11/2012 08:46”

Press regulation is all but pointless unless it includes the internet.
Because that is where everyone gets their news, opinions, and ideas from.

That’s where we all went to look for the bonkers and utterly unfounded list of alleged child sex abusers which seemed to include every MP who ever parked his bum in the House of Commons is it not?
So unless you regulate that then you may as well set up an inquiry to regulate town criers for all the good Leveson will do.

And, the thing is, you probably can’t regulate the internet.

And this is largely because there is no political will to do so because most of the purveyors of unchecked, inaccurate rumours being peddled as “news” are way too small to be bothered suing.

There’s just no money in it.

Leveson is becoming an irrelevant joke – a punchline to a gag for which no-one can remember the set-up line.

You don’t need state regulation to stop phone hacking and its like, you need to ensure your criminal laws and judicial system are robust enough (and independent enough) to act as a deterrent to news organisations in the first place.

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