Wordsonline.org piece in the Ham & High

December 11, 2012

Wordsonline.org piece in the Ham & High

Quite proud of this! Started working with the Elfrida Rathbone Camden charity and within seven days had a piece in the respected London weekly the Ham & High Gazette. Much more in pipeline – GIVE US A CALL ON 07824624617 🙂

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Exciting new client!

December 4, 2012

Started doing some work with a really great London charity! Just need to get the nod from the charity boss that I can announce it publicly.


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So many crooked journalists on TV telling us how the other bad apples ruined it for the good guys!

November 29, 2012

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In praise of Joanna Lumley – if we didn’t have the divine Ms L we would surely have to invent her!

November 25, 2012

This Twitter and Facebook damning stuff from the impeccably pouted lips of Joanna Lumley in the Daily Telegraph:

“Reading about people’s private life never interests me terribly,” she says, disdainful words come tumbling out of her shapely mouth in that purring, precision-engineered accent. “In fact, I feel a little ashamed of the indifference with which I can greet somebody’s inner thoughts and turmoil and aspirations. I think: ‘Oh, really?’ ”

“We’re not allowed to have ‘nobody’s business’ these days. Everybody’s got to go blarrrghh,” she says, making a fingers-down-the-throat gesture.

So the actress who admits she has only just learnt how to send a text message is not in any rush to join the Twitterati. “I would never ‘tweet’ or ‘twitter’, or whatever it’s called,” she says. “And I don’t want to be anyone’s friend on Facebook either. No. No. No. Never. Ever. Ever!

I think I love her.

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What would Voltaire make of Twitter?

November 16, 2012

I’m not sure the great man would be defending to the death the right of people to publish malicious, unsubstantiated and defamatory rumour as facts to millions of people.

And in the same vein I reckon Lord McAlpine’s drive to sue anyone on Twitter who defamed him will probably do a greater service to modern journalism than 1000 Leveson Inquiries.

If people find themselves in court or handing over a huge wodge of cash because they Tweeted a lie then they will be inclined to think much more carefully about the veracity of what they say the next time they publish.

Sort of like journalists have to.

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More reasons to know who the deal is…

November 15, 2012

So how come when I wrote for The Guardian and The Telegraph no one was that bovvered – but now everyone wants to know what supermarket I am wine reviewing for!?



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So let me just get this right, expenses crook Margaret Moran is too mentally ill to stand trial but was sane enough to serve as an MP?

November 13, 2012

Harsh I know (and who really knows what’s going on here save her specialist?) but it does seems weird that Margaret Moran fiddled her expenses to the tune of £60K is too crazy to face a jury but this didn’t rule her out of representing the good people of South Luton.

Just to fill you in:

“Former Labour MP Margaret Moran falsely claimed £60,000 in the biggest case of Commons expenses fiddling, a jury ruled today.
But the 57-year-old will escape jail after being found unfit to stand trial on mental grounds.

From 2004 to 2008 the former MP for Luton South submitted claims for broken boilers and phone lines which did not exist. One claim was almost her entire annual allowance.

The claims were worth almost £60,000, and she received more than £53,000.

Moran became one of the most high profile casualties of the MPs’ expenses scandal after it emerged she claimed £22,500 to remove dry rot on a property in Southampton – neither in her constituency or near Parliament.

Jurors at Southwark Crown Court in London were unable to return a guilty verdict after it was ruled that Moran, of Ivy Road, St Denys, Southampton, was found unfit to stand trial due to mental health issues, which meant proceedings took place in her absence.”

According to the BBC she couldn’t face the trial because she was a ‘broken woman’. And while I sympathise, doesn’t becoming a broken woman kinda go with the territory of being rumbled as a massive expenses swindler?

If all criminals said they were too upset to stand trial we’d be in something of a pickle no?

Or am I getting a bit Daily Mail?

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The power of wordsonline.org to get things done!

November 12, 2012

Okay, we probably can’t take all the credit, but surely it’s more than co-incidence that just hours after we posted yesterday’s critique of the  Bureau of Investigative Journalism the boss resigned!

Iain Overton said on Twitter today that he has resigned from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

A spokesman for the organisation said the Newsnight story was ‘strictly contrary to the fundamental principles and standards of the Bureau’ and that it is already conducting an inquiry into the error.

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The Bureau of Investigative Plonkers

November 11, 2012

Why does it feel so good when self-righteous, self-appointed, self-regarding journalists, bent on using their super-human skills to make the world a better place for mere mortals like you and me, get smacked down?

The Bureau of Investigative Journalists, who never tire of telling the rest of the industry just how unprofessional they are, are behind the biggest cock-up in recent journalistic history.

Yes, it was this bunch (described on telly today as “weird” by David Mellor – and he’s a man who knows a thing or two about weird) very very very wrongly named a Peer of the Realm as a child rapist.

The evidence – or entire lack of it – and the source would have sent alarm bells into meltdown on any newsdesk I have ever worked on. Indeed I would not have touched the story with a bargepole unless the Peer in question had actually walked into my office and said: “It’s a fair cop guv.”

The word of a sex-abuse victim with a £1.5m defamation action to his name simply would not have been enough.

And now the efforts of the Bureau of Investigative Journalists have basically signed the death-warrant of the most serious news programme on TV, BBC2’s Newsnight.

The good folk from the Bureau of Investigative Journalists have even threatened the future of the BBC as we know it.


You know what really jars though? It’s the biog of Bureau of Investigative Journalists Managing Editor Iain Overton on the BIJ website, where he writes: “Iain has worked in over 85 countries”

No, no, no! It’s ‘more than’ not ‘over’!

Basic stuff mate.

Kinda important to get the basics right.

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Kate72 has it got it absolutely right on Leveson Inquiry and media regulation

November 10, 2012

ImageAmid the self-righteous, self-serving, partisan blather regarding the Leveson Inquiry and the spectre of state regulation and tighter controls of the media comes a beacon of sanity.

Take a bow Kate72 of Southampton for your beautifully economical explanation of just what an irrelevance Leveson is becoming:

She left this message on the Daily Mail website:

“The mainstream media is already becoming irrelevant as it is unable to print stories which are doing the rounds on the Internet, do you really want it to end up even more emasculated?
Kate72 , Southampton, 10/11/2012 08:46”

Press regulation is all but pointless unless it includes the internet.
Because that is where everyone gets their news, opinions, and ideas from.

That’s where we all went to look for the bonkers and utterly unfounded list of alleged child sex abusers which seemed to include every MP who ever parked his bum in the House of Commons is it not?
So unless you regulate that then you may as well set up an inquiry to regulate town criers for all the good Leveson will do.

And, the thing is, you probably can’t regulate the internet.

And this is largely because there is no political will to do so because most of the purveyors of unchecked, inaccurate rumours being peddled as “news” are way too small to be bothered suing.

There’s just no money in it.

Leveson is becoming an irrelevant joke – a punchline to a gag for which no-one can remember the set-up line.

You don’t need state regulation to stop phone hacking and its like, you need to ensure your criminal laws and judicial system are robust enough (and independent enough) to act as a deterrent to news organisations in the first place.

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