Press Releases

The Press Release is the bread and butter of the publicity industry.

Whether you've just pulled off a multi-million pound, celebrity-laden stunt or you're just advertising the village fete best scone competition, you better have a Press Release to back it up.

And it better be a good one.

Actually, it better be a world-beater.

There an an estimated 1.2 billion media releases churned out globally every year so you really have to know how to stand out.

Fortunately most of our staff writers have spent years on the other side of the fence – as working journalists hitting the delete key on 99% of all PR emails sent to them.

So they really know what it takes to make a reporter or editor sit up and take notice.

It helps that they're buddies with many of the industry movers and shakers too. Be under no illusion the 'you scratch my back' rules work in the world of media just the same as everywhere else.

So, what do you get?

We kick off with a one-to-one chat about your needs and, where relevant, you send us any materials we may need to consider and utilise.

Then we go to work, offering you a hook, a headline and a brilliantly crafted newsworthy Press Release.

Then you get to give it the okay.

Then we send it out to 1.5 million outlets – and, if you need targeting we aim for specific titles and we follow-up with encouraging phone calls.

That's how it works. No magic, just great ideas, great words and a bit of enthusiastic human contact.

Email or call us for details right now.

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